RíShimléirí Teo t/a Futureflue, Specialists in Chimney & Home Damage Repair,  Chimney Re-Lining, Chimney Surveying & Chimney Damage Service

Knock & Rebuild

A chimney before knock & rebuild by Future Flue, County Donegal, Ireland
Before Knock & Rebuild

  • No mess left
  • Site left clean
  • Quality chimney service
  • Satisfaction guaranteed
A chimney after knock & rebuild by Future Flue, County Donegal, Ireland

After Knock & Rebuild

Futureflue takes care of all your chimney masonry needs. With our thorough knowledge, experience and expertise we will ensure your job is carried out smoothly by our qualified tradesmen. Repairs offered; Our onsite workers have carried out hundreds of successful chimney repairs, relinings and knock & rebuilds. We are very experienced in working inside and outside of our customers homes: prior to work commencing all floors, furniture and contents are covered to ensure minimum disruption.

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