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About Futureflue

Futureflue Chimney & Home Repairs

Futureflue Chimney Repair & Relining, Fire & Flood Restoration, General Home & Insurance claims

Entire home repair package from initial inspection & insurance assistance to painting and decoration

Futureflue was established initially to manufacture and sell Flexflue, a durable stainless steel flexible flue liner product which is used to reline damaged or old chimneys.

While Futureflue no longer manufactures a liner they now offer a complete chimney repair service from surveying of the chimney through to carrying out a guaranteed repair service. Futureflue offer a guaranteed building repair. A 10 year guarantee on the Stainless Steel flexible liner is being offered by the supplying companies,subject to terms and conditions. Futureflue are used by many insurance companies as a member of their repair panel of contractors to carry out repairs on insured properties which have been damaged by chimney fire.

Futureflue have formed a close working relationship with these insurance companies, loss adjustors and private householders. Futureflue are now evolving yet again to meet the needs of our customers with a new service which encompasses, water, fire & flood damage restoration. This is the next step in offering a complete home damage repair solution.

Futureflue offer a range of services including. For more information on any of our products or services, please contact us.