RíShimléirí Teo t/a Futureflue, Specialists in Chimney & Home Damage Repair,  Chimney Re-Lining, Chimney Surveying & Chimney Damage Service
Futureflue, Chimney Survey, Repair & Relining, Fire & Flood Restoration, Donegal

All chimney problems diagnosed and solutions recommended.
Comprehensive chimney survey inspection carried out.
C.C.T.V Surveys upon request.
Chimney Knock & Rebuild
Chimney Relining & internal Repairs.
Stoves fitted
Assistance with insurance claims
House, Water & Storm Damage Repairs
Fire & Flood Damage Restoration.

RíShimléirí Teo t/a Futureflue
Chimney Surveying, Relining & Damage Repair Service

Whether you need your chimney or fireplace inspected, repaired, relined or rebuilt, Futureflue is equipped to meet your needs. We have specialist knowledge in chimney problems. Staff are HETAS qualified.

Introducing a new standard - Futureflue

Futureflue have established themselves in repairing, relining and rebuilding chimneys, we can offer the entire chimney diagnosis, resolution & repair package. With specialist knowledge gained through vast experience and training, Futureflue can locate the cause of a problem, advise the customer how to deal with it and carry out the necessary repairs.

Futureflue use Stainless Steel 904 grade flexible liner. Stainless Steel 904 grade flexible liner is a quality guaranteed product and is guaranteed for 10 years subject to terms and conditions.


Due to a recognised high standard of workmanship and reliable guarantees, Futureflue have been chosen by Axa, Allianz and Aviva as their designated repair specialist for the northwest when dealing with chimney fire damage claims.

Contact Futureflue Chimney and Home Repairs for residential chimney and fireplace repair, including stove fitting and maintenance solutions for Donegal and surrounding counties. We also carry out chimney repairs in the North West and Leinster regions for all the major insurers.