RíShimléirí Teo t/a Futureflue, Specialists in Chimney & Home Damage Repair,  Chimney Re-Lining, Chimney Surveying & Chimney Damage Service

Why Choose Futureflue?

Futureflue Chimney & Home Repairs

Chimney Business & Home Repair Service - futureflue, Fintown, Donegal, Ireland.
  • Prompt response
  • Thorough survey & inspections
  • Assistance with insurance claims
  • Minimum waiting period before work can begin
  • Quality chimney flues & fittings
  • Guaranteed Service
  • Peace of mind
Futureflue are well-established and have a good reputation when working for insurance companies, loss adjustors and private householders. We offer the entire repair package when dealing with chimney & home repairs following an event.

High Quality materials & workmanship

The quality of all flues and fittings we use when carrying out repairs are assured by EU certification with a ten year guarantee on the flexible flue liner. All building works, installations and repairs are guaranteed, in the unlikely case that a problem does arise we respond within hours to rectify the issue.

Peace of Mind

Futureflue offers you a guaranteed building repair while Flexflue offers a guaranteed, flexible chimney lining solution which will minimise fire hazard and protect your chimney for years to come. We supply and install these products so can be sure that there will be no problems, giving ourselves and the customer complete peace of mind.

Wide range of home repair services